My own Hair Business

Hello good morning, I’m currently in the process of creating ideas and thoughts on owning a hair business/hair care line. For years I’ve loved doing hair but as an hobby/extra income. Over time I went into working boring jobs, which then lead me to put hair to the side but I knew the love for hair was still there. However I still did friends & family hair as well as my own. People ask me all the time where do I buy my extensions &/or where do I recommend they buy theirs. Now I am kicking into gear & aiming for what I want, need, & desire. My hair business. Ive been on your site for a while reading different articles & I must say thank you for all you have provided thus far. I am still a bit stuck on certain things since I will be starting off as a home based business. I would love to be one who last & do it the right way the first time around with help from those who have been in the business. Again thank you, & enjoy your day. Mail received from Renik M.