Returned hair

We do not accept any returns of hair extensions and we will not refund any money”. This is clear language, but does it show you put the client first? If your client is not happy and you do not want to endanger the relation, you could consider not being too harsh.
Of course if the client made an error or tries to play a game with you, you should very well consider if it is worth to take back the hair.
But otherwise , if there are circumstances you want to give the client the benefit of the doubt and you will accept to return the hair.

Return policy

It is important to write down and to publish your return policy. Under what conditions do you accept returned hair? Because you believe in your products and you put your clients first, you do not hide your return policy somewhere in a dark place of your website or hair shop. Make sure the policy can be found and read by every client. Use it as a marketing tool, people like to but from places where they can return what they bought, and big chance they will not return the hair.

What if you accept the returned hair?

But in case a client is not happy with the received hair extensions, follow your policy to accept the returned hair extensions or wigs.
In these cases be sure the necessary hygiene is respected. The best thing is to only allow hair extensions that have not been taken out of the original package (you remember with your name and logo). But if this is not possible, if the client opened the package, check the hair extensions very well en keep them apart from your stock. You do not want to be known to be the first to sell second hand hair extensions, unless this is your way to differentiate yourself.

Reduce the loss and turn the unhappy client into a loyal client

Try to reduce your loss of the hair as little as possible. Instead of a refund, offer the client a replacement, a significant discount on a new order or a Gift Card… Be generous if the occasion calls for it. Remember, a happy client will tell one or two people how happy they are with you, an unhappy person might use the next three birthday parties to tell everybody how bad your shop is.
So in most cases problems with returned hair will put a lot of pressure on the relation between you and the client. But if you can convince the client to stay as a customer, you will win a very loyal and happy client.