If you arrive back home after a business trip and you watch out of the small window of the plane, you might see hundreds or even thousands of people of which many wear hair extensions or are thinking of getting new hair. The great thing is they all can become your client; you only need to cross their path!
To get in touch with your client is not difficult at all; the only thing you have to do is to know where they are, what they like and who they follow!

Difficult? Not at all thanks to Facebook

You already know Facebook knows nearly everything about you and your friends, for them it´s a great way to make money because they can target advertisements with things that has your interest at the right moment. But did you know you can benefit from all this big data too? To know what your clients are looking for and where you can meet them?

Let Facebook work for you

Facebook offers advertisements to her users; these are paid advertisements that will attract the attention of your potential clients if they open Facebook. In order to fine tune your advertisement you can benefit from all this expertise, the marketing know how of Facebook. Facebook allows you to segment your audience based upon, location, demographics, interest, language, behavior etc.

Women from Georgia in new relations are more interested in dogs than in cats!

For example if you want to target clients located in Georgia, you can reach nearly 60 % of everybody located in this state. From the nearly 10 million inhabitants, 6 million have a Facebook connection, so Facebook has a rather significant group of people.
Now you can zoom in to specific towns in Georgia, but also you can fine tune on the demographics, for example sex and age. You will be able to learn about the interest of 2,8 million women between 18 and 55 years of age. That´s a nice group of potential clients to start with!
But this information is not detailed enough, so now we are going to use the full potential of the knowledge of Facebook about your interest. And use this to find out where your target group is interested in.
Did you know, about 11,000 of the women we selected are in a new relation, and 38,000 are newly engaged! These women must really have looking great on their mind and thus they are interested in your products!
To make it even easier for you to meet your audience you can zoom in and see what their interests are. You would expect for example that these women in new relations are very interested in fitness and wellness too. But the graph below shows this is the least favorite of nine main categories of Interest! Better to look for them in hobbies, as they all are interested in topics related to hobbies (not hubbies!)
Market data FaceBook
And if you zoom in you will see nearly 8,000 women are interested in cats and 12,000 in dogs! So if you target this group you can use this information to grab their attention.

Be where your clients are!

There are so many options you can select and use to focus on your target audience, and if you know what is it in life that interested them you can use this to advertise on places with the interest, to add topics to your site that attracts them too and to visit them at events that has their interest.

Need help?

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