Question: From Tiana W.

Good morning! I’m interested in selling hair I mean weave is the biggest thing right now. But I am new to this and need a lot of help. Also its hard finding a supplier with the BEST quality human hair. Do you have any advice for me?

Answer: Thanks for your email and I like your header ¨Future Hair Line Owner¨, it sparkles with ambition!

There is a lot to tell about how to start in this beautiful business; how to find your clients, how to know what they really want and how to beat the competition.

You are right, selling weaves is hot and you need to plan your way to success to avoid you will not make enough money or even lose money.

Because you have ambition I think you can make it; if you are looking for a complete guide on how to start selling hair extensions in a limited period of time and saving money in the meantime, I recommend our eBook ¨From Dream to your Own Hair Extensions Business, in only 10 days¨, check this link to see if this will be of help for you

Before you start to buy hair or look for a supplier, make sure you know exactly what your clients are looking for. This will limit the stock you need to invest in and will maximize your profit. If you know the hair your clients want, please let me know because we have contacts with quite some suppliers, of which some even offer risk free samples.


Looking forward to support you with becoming a hair line owner,