In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Keek and many, many other social media, you should not forget the good old email newsletter.

Thanks to email you can bring your message at a silver plate to your target audience, at a very low cost! A silver plate because if you write about the things your clients like to know about, like new arrivals, client reviews and special offers, they will be looking forward to, open and read your email newsletter with interest.

Email is one of the most direct ways to communicate to your clients if you have an online shop. And whatever happens to your shop, you will have a list of people who are interested in what you have to tell them, so a very handy list to have!

A few bullets that will help you to build your email list:

  • Offer something for free, for example a sample of one of your extensions or a generous discount coupon;
  • Make sure visitors of your website can see the option to subscribe for your newsletter;
  • Mention the possibility to subscribe to your newsletter on all your pages, but also off line,
  • If you have a business card, why not offer your newsletter also.

Too bad in many cases, but after you registered for a newsletter nothing happens, no newsletter, no confirmation, no nothing. This is not only a loss of all the energy put in arranging this option, but also as the client will net feel connected to your shop and you will most probably lose a client. So make sure you publish and distribute your newsletter regularly.

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To make this work for little money per email you have various providers that will help you. Please find below some attention points when selecting the best provider for you. Do they allow you, to:

  • avoid your emails will end up in the spam folder
  • deliver the emails at the time your audience normally reads their emails
  • analyze who opened, clicked or downloaded your emails and the offers in it, because this will help you to fine tune your offers
  • use your own logo
  • send out segmented messages, not one message for everybody but mails that allow you to focus your message on the needs and interest of you clients at that moment. The more personal the email, the higher the conversion or chance you can make a good deal.


If you want to try how an email listing will work for you, we recommend Aweber, the first month for only USD 1 (later USD 19 per month) and they even offer a 30 days money back guarantee! So, if you do the numbers you will with 500 emails or less, only pay USD 0,02 cent per mail per month if you communicate twice a month with your clients.

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Your own company email will ensure you will always be on the back of your clients mind, so if they think of new hair extensions, they will think of …. YOU!

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