We are looking for the best Email Newsletter in the Hair business!

We will collect, subscribe to and read your newsletters. You know Newsletters are one of the most successful marketing tools to engage with your clients. But it is not always easy to grow the number of subscribers. So we are going to help you.

Because these Newsletters are so important we want to see who has the most appealing newsletter. The 20 best email newsletters will be promoted by us on our website and social media, so you will get for free many more potential clients!

We will look at the subscription process; how easy it is to subscribe on the newsletter and if the registration process is functioning well.

The content, is it inspiring to read, does the content invite you to visit the website or to take the advantage of an offer mentioned

The layout, is it a plain text email or does it has more colors then the rainbow

The frequency, how many times do you receive the newsletter and the frequency correct?

We are going to visit the nearly 3000 hair business web shops we have in our database and perhaps we will also visit your website. But if you want to be sure you want to benefit from our effort to grow your number of subscribers, you can also email us to share with us your newsletter. Please let us know the name of your business and the website and frequency of you newsletter.

Do you want to be sure to grow your number of subscribers to grow your mailing list and thus increase the number of direct interaction with your clients, what will lead to more sales? Please let us know on what page we can subscribe to your newsletter and we will subscribe!