Question: Thanks for replying to me so rapidly, I am not a shop owner or professional cosmetologist at this time, I want to get into selling of the hair to not only make extra money, but also to help other in my community that may need or want the hair right then, without having to wait for a period of time to rec’d it, is this the path I need to take to set up an online business to sell the hair? If not please excuse me for wasting your time.

Answer:  First of all, I am very happy to receive and to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact me, because I think you have the right motivation to start a business in beauty. Not only to make some or a lot of extra money, but also because you want to help your clients.

There are some places where people are forced to travel far to get hair and of course if you can set up an online hair extensions business, with a kind of showroom or small salon you can make the life of your clients easier. If your clients are see you offer something extra, and they do not have to travel anymore, you can get a loyal clientele.

The great part is, you can start small and grow in line with the growth of your number of visitors and clients. Make sure you have a smart inventory at hand; this will help you to never say no to a client.

Make sure you organize a client survey, to know how many clients in your area are interested and what they expect from a hair selling shop.

While you interview them make sure you take note of their email account so you can contact them when you are in business.

Try to find out:

  • The types of hair extensions they are looking for
  • The hair extensions prices they are willing to pay
  • If the need hair extensions information, so you can educate them in the use
  • If the only want human hair extensions

The online business you can start using social media but for little money you can also open a website with web shop.

Make sure you register the name, check for names or below to find if the domain name is still available.

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