Are you looking for a niche market, a specific place where you can satisfy the demands of a very specific group of clients, you may consider to service women with hair loss. If you are able to demonstrate your specific knowledge in the fields of women hair loss you will have a very attractive market plus you can really help woman, by selling hair, who for example suffer from cancer or Alopecia.

Hair loss in women

To start you should do some research on hair loss in general and women hair loss especially. Hair loss, which is the partial or complete lack of hair growth, can have many causes and if you are faced with a client suffering from hair loss always advise her to pay visit to her or his doctor.

For men the pattern of hair loss, begins at the temple and the crown and either thins out or falls out. For women hair loss the pattern occurs mostly at the frontal and parietal (the top of your head).

If you take into mind that people on an average have between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs on their head, the daily loss of about 100 strands has a limited impact. And for a healthy person the hair loss will be replaced by new hair. In most cases people discover the first signs of hair thinning if more hair than usual is left in the brush or in the water basin after washing the hair.

As women hair loss or hair thinning has a direct impact on the appearance, it causes stress. A full had with a nice volume is perceived totally different than signs of baldness. For women hair represents femininity and attractiveness.

If you are looking for some more background information on Alopecia, specifically for this growth market we recommend: Women and Alopecia: Managing Unexplained Hair Loss

Did you know even celebirties suffer from hair loss?


How can you help woman with hair loss

A good way to support your clients suffering from hair loss is to offer them a wig. As these wigs are not for one occasion only, but will be worn every day you should make sure you offer the best quality of wigs. Use the time to comfort your client and together select the best wig. The wig should be styled in the right way and to have a color that matches with the natural hair of the owner, and comfortable to wear.

Most women who have learned they will lose their hair because of the treatment, want to buy an expensive natural hair wig. In some cases it can be more advisable to purchase a synthetic wig, as they are less expensive and easier to maintain.

Some steps to ensure the wig will fit

  • Let your client take pictures of her current hair style.
  • Take some hair from the top front of the head, to match the color of the wig with the present color.
  • Use natural light or near a window to decide whether a wig matches the natural hair of the client.
  • Measure the head with the hair slicked down

See if you can offer an adjustable wig because the head size of your client may be up to a size smaller due to the hair loss.

It´s a specific niche of the hair extensions market, but you can build up good relations and the mouth by mouth works very good in this market.