We are all on social media, especially if you have your own business. Why? Because you want your target audience to know you have something they like, a great offer, a special discount or a new arrival! Come, see, like and buy! I have hair extensions for sale!

But as in normal live you need to build up a relation with your followers. A relation is more than only to follow back somebody, you have an active relation by keeping the conversation going. Share tweets, do some retweets just do everything to show genuine interest in other people. Okay, that´s not too difficult, because you are used to do so in real live, but how will you get a growing number of followers? Now again you have to show the same behavior as in real live, you are going to join a club.

First of all, you have to decide who will be your target audience, what is the profile of your clients. Then you look for a group or event that your target clients like or would like. With a little bit of research on internet or twitter you will be able to find such club. Now you start to join this club and start to build up a relation with the other followers. Follow them, share a nice direct message if they follow back and exchange tweets regarding the subject. Do not only fire tweets with sales offers, but also other interesting stuff. And do not to forget to retweet, be a good member of this club.This sounds like a heavy job, but you can tweet at any place if you use your smartphone, so if you are on your way to the University, shopping mall or in front of the TV you can maintain your twitter account.

Of course you want the followers to have your shop in their mind if they think of hair extensions, so you need to be sure you post your tweets in a regular way. Not 20 tweets within 20 minutes and the rest of the day complete silence. Use tools like HootSuite to publish your tweets over the day or a certain period of the day and to keep the attention of your target audience.

Finally, how to get your audience to expand? As you are an active member of the club now (and you can join as many clubs as you like) you only want to tweet with other active members. For this you have to focus on people who follow you back and clean the group that is not interested in following you. So you start to join a club by following a lot of people and over time you start to unfollow those people who are not following you back. You can use those like justunfollow to check who is not following you. Make sure you have a group of active followers and be active yourself and you will have a growing number of potential clients’ for your hair products.

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