It´s always great to have a new client, a brand new person that decided to buy YOUR hair! They loved the hair, they loved the price and they loved all the other products you offer. So they left your shop with a smile.

But after you waved them goodbye, the big questions raises, will they return to buy from you again, after all you have more hair extensions for sale! Will the hair stay tangle free or not start to shed? Of course you only sell high quality extensions, but you also know maintenance is the key to ensure the hair stays as beautiful as it was at the day it was bought. This is all about client retention.
A lot of tangling and shedding finds it origin because the hair is not properly stored during the days the client is not wearing it. So how can you ensure your client can store the hair in a convenient and good storage way?
Recently, for clip ins, Kate Arnolds came with a great invention to the market, HairHangerZ. Her idea is so simple that it makes you wonder why nobody else came up with the idea before. The basic concept is a regular hanger for your clothes but modified to allow you to clip in your clip ins when you store them. An additional advantage is the fact that you can maintain, comb and dry the hair using both your hands.
You can easy place the HairHangerz on a smooth surface, like a mirror, a window or a wardrobe door and remove it without leaving any trace or damage. To store the clip ins in the HairHangerz you have three hangers with a material band to attach the clip ins, so you can store at least one meter of extensions! Thanks to the fact the clips are firmly attached you can easily and quicker dry and style them. You can store them in a cupboard, but given the great design of the HairHangerz, which comes with a beautiful cover, there is no reason to hide them!
Thanks to HairHangerZ you can achieve many things at the same time; you help your client to store the hair in a safe and convenient way, which will ensure the hair will last longer and thus your client will stay a happy client for a much longer time. And it gives you also a great opportunity to do some cross selling, you can sell this solution to your clients when they are buying clip ins!
You can also off course prepare a small note with advice on how to wash and maintain the hair. Print that note on a card with your logo and contact details and now it also helps you to promote your business. Be sure you hand it over to every customer or wrap it together with the extensions. But still you are not sure the customer will indeed maintain the hair as it should, because if not, there is a big chance they will doubt about the quality of the hair they bought from you.
So, to ensure your clients will return to buy from you, you should also help them to maintain and store their extensions, it will keep your clients happy also for a long time after they left your shop!
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