You do not need human hair extensions wholesale suppliers

You do not need human hair extensions wholesale suppliers to start a very profitable hair extensions store. So even with a limited budget you can still start a very profitable hair business.


What most people think and why it’s wrong

Human hair extensions wholesaleOnce you know what your target audience is looking for, it’s time to look for human hair extensions wholesale suppliers. Buy as much as possible hair at the lowest price, thanks to volume discount. Wrong!

All what will happen now is that your cash has turned into inventory, because you spent it all on hair. Do not be surprised the people you spoke to before and who explained what they are looking for and at what conditions, suddenly are not home anymore and certainly not in your hair store. You cannot change your offer any more, or your business model, because all you got is hair! So this is wrong!

What should you have been doing

Why you shouldn’t buy right away from a human hair extensions wholesale supplier is because you have other ways to start a hair business, even with more expensive hair than wholesale hair. Buy hair from a store that has a good reputation. We all know they will not tell you their source but that is not needed to make more money with their hair. The hair extensions you buy to start from that shop, will bring you more sales and profit than hair you bought wholesale. Especially if you have to buy the wholesale hair from far away and you do not know your human hair extensions wholesale suppliers that well yet and your budget is still limited. You can avoid all the stress .

You sell service not hair

Go step by step, and start to create a relationship with your clients first, because you are not going to sell only a product, you are going to sell an experience, top class service. You add the best possible service to it, think of

  1. celebrity level styling advice,
  2. premium maintenance service
  3. 24/7
  4. top hair care products,
  5. personalised after sales info,
  6. return policy and
  7. you collect the hair once it is used.
  8. Plus…. you can add any service you know your clients appreciate, perhaps even taking out the pit bulls!

Turn your customers into very happy customers or celebs, who do not come to you to buy hair extensions, no they come to you to feel great!

Now you ask: Why would my clients pay more for the hair?

We all knowHuman hair extensions wholesale you pay more for a Mercedes than for a Volkswagen; both have four wheels, seats to sit and a steering wheel, but driving a Mercedes is an experience and driving a Volkswagen helps you from point A to point B. Where do people pay the most for? Right, the experience and that’s what you are going to give them.

If you want to start selling the experience without the stress of finding a Human hair extensions wholesale supplier and making more money, get your Hair Extensions Business Bundle Deal and start selling the experience! And start thinking of driving a Mercedes.


What to consider when buying from an online hair supplier

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