Where should I start selling hair

Question: I want to start selling human where should I start?

Answer: If you are sure you want to start a business, first invest time to find your (potential) clients and the products and services they are interested in.

I suggest you start to do some market research first, to understand where your clients are today, where they shop, what budget they have to buy extensions and what they are looking for. It´s easy to start with your friends or family, but you should also talk with other people.

Meet people on parties, events and in shopping malls and start a little (but not too formal) interview. Try to understand what they miss today when buying the hair extensions, are they too expensive, does it takes too long before they receive the extensions, or anything that might help you to do better. The good thing is there is a big chance these people will become your first clients, because they know you listen to them and people appreciate that very much!

What to consider when buying from an online hair supplier

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