The best way to do better than the hair extensions competitors is by analyzing them.

For our business plans we use a matrix with 15 key indicators. We check the product, quality, service, expertise, Company reputation and return policy. Be aware we do not analyze the hair extensions but the business selling the extensions.

You can learn from the top

Today we analyze the award winning Indique , a specialist in Indian hair. Their website and shops look astonishing, it´s clear they are experts in the hair they sell and they do care for society. So as a startup you will at first see only things you can only dream about to ever to achieve.

The best thing to do, if you want to learn from Indique is to visit their site or a shop and to come back later again. Now it is time to check Indique behind the scene.


Start with the hair, they sell top quality hair and if you want to test their logistics you could decide to order some hair.

With respect to the expertise, they share this with their distributors through their Academy. This is great because they can offer to sell at a higher margin. Again a proof you can better invest in service and expertise than to compete on price.
A good initiative is also to invest in your community, Indique has a number of projects they support and you can decide to support a local project. This will give you free publicity next to the fact it is good to be involved in your local community.
If you know a model or local celebrity why not to offer her to wear your extensions for free. You will have some great pictures to show on your website and if she wins a big talent show, you are on number 1 in google also!

What can you do better?

But next to picking up some ideas from the big players, you should also come with something new. And here Indique offers you a great unique selling point.

Read their terms and conditions and you could say the client is not treated as a queen by Indique.

  • Indique is nearly always right and does not allow refunds.
  • The style of their terms and conditions is not written from the point of view of a client.

And here you can do better. Because if you believe in your product, why don´t you say so. Be generous towards your client, make her feel like a queen and she will reward you by buying from you over and over again!