February 1st, 2014 How to grow your audience on Social Media and to sell with success? We will show you, step by step, on how to set up a shop on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and how to grow your audience and to start selling. We will share with you all the tips and steps we take to set up the shop and to grow the audience and of course to sell the hair.

We can´t do this all by ourselves, so we need your help. Feel free to share questions, remarks and ideas. We will discuss your input and share them together with the answers.

The aim is to show you how to grow a target audience that might be interested in actually buying your hair. So we just selected one certain type of hair, in our case Machine weft Brazilian hair, but we can adapt the product offer later if this will work out better. If you have to start please make sure you perform a good market survey first, check your clients’ needs and analyze the competition!

The first step for this challenge is to select the name of our shop. Of course it is very nice to use your own name for the shop, but as we want to attract all people who are searching for our hair and who are not yet familiar with our name it´s better to include in the name of the shop a term people are searching for. For this you can use the Keyword planner of Google Adwords. Simply enter:

the product you are selling,

your region and


and let Adwords show you the most relevant words.

A very attractive name is ¨Lush Hair Extensions¨; this gives an average of 9,800 searches every month with a medium level of competition. We will add Chloe to it to make it more personal and call our shop on social media ¨Chloe´sLushHairExtensions¨

The next step will be to open a twitter account, an Instagram and Facebook page.

What do you think of our name?

What to consider when buying from an online hair supplier

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