Question: I hope this email finds you well.I am a lady based in South Africa in the cape town province looking forward to starting a hair extension business importing hair from China.In this week I will be receiving hair samples from the suppliers.I was kindly asking for advice on how i can best market and sell my hair .Thank you for promptly addressing my issue.I.will be looking forward to receiving your response.

Answer: Good to read you already bought the hair, I would advice to first perform a market survey, find out what your clients are looking for. Go to a place (mall, market, the town center), where your can find your target clients. Make sure you look great with your own hair and start to ask them: if they buy hair extensions, the type of hair, if they buy online or in salons, what they like in the service of other shops find out the name of the shops they like and what they do not like. We have a form that goes with our eBook with more questions. The goal is to find out what your potential clients like, so you can focus on that type of hair and for example the service and price level.

Before you order wholesale hair, check the shops analyse how they offer the hair and what you can do different, more in line with the needs of your target group.

Now you know who your target group is and where they normally go to buy hair, also on the internet, and build your marketing presence around this.

Make sure you collect the email address, and use an email program to start communicating with your potential clients, make sure they already start to get interested in your offer. By doing so, the day your shop will officially open it´s doors, you will have more clients then you could ever imagine!

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