Never, I assume would be your response on the title of this post. Indeed why would you share your client list, your suppliers and your purchase prices or you bookkeeping details with others?

But there is a big chance you do, not on purpose but what about:

– the client and suppliers contact data stored on your smart phone, because if you lose your phone, will others have access to this data?
– your confidential paper, do you quickly wrap it and drop it in your recycle bin?
– if you do not have a separate room and your share the space to service your clients in the same room as where you do your bookkeeping?

You would be surprised how many people keep the PIN of their smart phone on the factory settings, or how easily a client list will pop up in the hand of a person with great interest to start their own business.

So, you need to take some measures to protect your data, to avoid others will get access to it or to avoid you will lose your own data. Some easy safety measures you
can take:
1. Change the PIN of your smart phone and use the backup system nearly all providers have installed and schedule a weekly back up.
2. Also plan a weekly backup of the data on your tablet or laptop. You can decide to have the backup in the cloud or on a special storage tape/disk, like Seagate Backup Plus. Make sure you can always access your own data if needed. Do you know how the period the data stored in a free cloud drive will be available?
3. Do not fold or tear paper with confidential data but use a shredder (click here to benefit from the wholesale prices of Bulk Office). This will not only avoid others might put their hands on your client list, but the volume of paper will reduce in your recycle bin.
4. Thanks to a clean desk policy you will not only keep your office nice and clean the whole day long, but if you store your papers nobody can easily access them and you will be able to trace them when you need them. Click here for some samples of Storage Boxes

Good luck staying in business !