Thanks to the search engines on the internet, we are able to see what people Google when they are looking for example for …. hair extensions. With this information you can:
– at least predict a little bit better the future trends in hair extensions.
– anticipate what extensions you should have in stock to be sure you will not have to say no to a client and
-not the least important you can write about these trends on your website so the chance your website will be found, because more people are looking for it will increase also.
To share an example, we did some analyses for the United States of America and we see the hair extensions most searched for are: ” feather extensions ” and ” clip in extensions” .
But more important to know is which extensions people are searching for more often, so the ones that are searched for more now than before. Why? Because this gives an idea about what people will look for tomorrow! A true crystal ball.
Here we see more people Google for ¨feather extensions¨ followed by ¨clip in extensions¨ but there is also a growing interest for ¨cheap extensions¨.
In the map below you can even see in what states the “feather extensions” are the most popular.A good idea to add to your product offering feather extensions, for example from Fine Featherheads.
Who is looking for feather extensions?
But what about other trends? People are looking much more for “human hair extensions ” and much less for “synthetic hair extensions “, although the last year this has changed a little bit and more people look for synthetic. And both “best hair extensions” and “cheap hair extensions” are in demand on Google. So there is always demand for good quality hair extensions for an acceptable price now and in the future!
Of course you should never forget to talk and chat with your clients, use social media and real life conversations to find out what they are looking for, but these trends can help you to predict the future and to help your clients better.
And if you have specific questions for your area or products, just let us know by email or share a comment and we will help you out. Just for free!
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