The trend in the US hair market

The domestic demand for human hair had seen a 30%+ growth in 2010 and 2011. In 2012 this growth was limited to 4 % only and last year even showed a decline of 12 %. However, this decline is mainly caused by lower level of import and an increase in export of human hair. The US has become an interesting country to export hair extensions. This could be an interesting niche where online shops can benefit from.

Chinese Hair Extensions

By far the most important source for the United States human hair are the Chinese. 91% of all human hair is imported from China. However, after China supported nearly 100% of the growth in domestic demand in 2010 and 2011, last year the demand for this type of hair dropped by 12%.

Viet Nam and Cambodia

This drop is partially compensated by an increase in demand for hair from South East Asia (SE) and India. Promising niches like hair sourced from Viet Nam and Cambodia benefited strongly from the increased demand for special hair types, together with the already much bigger markets of Indonesia and India.

Find a niche

Based upon these figures interesting niches to analyze are the export market and the domestic demand for South East Asia and Indian hair types. Soon you will be able on this website to obtain samples of these niches to support you to explore new growth markets for your company! Read more


For our forecast we use trade information from the United States.