What to do to avoid that after Christmas your sales drop?


What can you do to avoid a drop of your sales after the holiday season? You can still make good deals but – as always- you only have to be a little bit more creative. To help you to benefit from the still increasing demand and to have the clients visit your shop instead of the shop of the competition, we have selected five items for you to think and work on.

We give you more background information and we provide you with some links to make it work for you right away!

Offer additional items together with your extensions, at a special price

You know you are not selling hair, but you are selling a “look good” feeling. Your client wants to look good and you have the products and services to make her feel awesome! So why don´t you offer her, together with the extensions, a very nice bag or another luxury item? Offer bags at a good price but at the right quality. You are in contact with your client, you make her happy with the hair so the perfect time to make the picture complete and offer her something extra.
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Be creative in shipment and pick up possibilities

The first thing is of course not to charge separately for shipping anymore, clients do not want to see a shipping fee anymore. But clients also want to receive your extensions in time and as fast as possible. Why don´t you consider Collect on Delivery (COD). In the US for example (The United States Postal Services) USPS offers this service so your clients will have more confidence in the transaction and consider easier to buy from a new shop. By doing so you´ll reduce the delivery time after payment to zero! A great argument to convince your clients to buy from you.

Click here for more details from USPS

Are you on Amazon?

Offer part of your products through platforms like Amazon, more and more people search on
Amazon and you can use their platform to offer your products to a bigger audience. Amazon has a very good ranking in the search results of Google and Yahoo you will directly benefit from this. Your ads will be targeted to shoppers searching for similar or related items on Amazon.com. They will see your ads in many places on the Amazon website and you will only pay for clients who clicked on your advertisement and thus visited your website!

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Offer true bargains

Consumers have seen a lot of offers and special discounts the last months. But they are still interested, as long as the offer gives them value for money.
Only offer true bargains, after all you want your clients to return to buy again and to spread the word about the quality you offer.


Reach for the partner, family or friends of your clients and offer gift cards with a bonus.
Gift cards are hot and you can benefit from this. A gift card of your own hair brand helps partners or friends to give their loved one or good friend your hair extensions without the risk of buying the wrong hair. The card can be made from paper or a specific coupon code that can be used together with the purchase of the hair. If you want a card from paper, check JAM.

Jam Paper & Envelope