Okay, the year is nearly over and a new year often means that I want to set a new milestone or just that I want to make something new to happen! If you have this kind of feelings also, why don´t you put everything at work to turn your own dream into reality. Why don´t you put your shop online and start to put your hair extensions for sale!

To run your own web shop might seems very complex, because you:
· need to think about the technical design of the site,
· have to find a place to run your shop,
· have to fill it with great pictures, useful information and an awesome layout and
· need to be sure people will find your shop.

But as with many challenges in life, if you break them down into smaller parts it is easier to deal with the whole issue.

Design your web shop

First, the technical design, here you have three options, you can:
· hire a web designer
· build your own website, you can check the book building websites for dummys or
· select a ready-made template.

The money you will spend will depend on your budget, the time available and your technical skills.

In all cases you have to think first about your house style, the lay out that communicates your unique selling point. Your unique selling point shows in short why people should buy their extensions from you instead from the competition. Because it is not in the scope of this article we will not explain this in detail. But if you want to know more about this, with the right focus on the hair extensions business we recommend you to read day six of our eBook.

The colors, fonts and design of your house style should be the same for all you promotion material and of course also for your website. And every page of your website should have this same style, so your clients will feel comfortable while they go through the pages of your website. Special attention is needed for those parts of your website where you involve third parties, for example the online payment provider. Try to make sure this fits with your own style.

Open for business 24/7 or not?

Your website needs to be open for business 24/7 and this depends on your hosting server. There are many companies offering hosting services. As your website will be your lifeline to the online world, you need to be sure you select a hosting service that is very stable with very little hour’s offline. Unless, next to your passion for hair, you are a computer expert also you should select a hosting service that guarantees this 24/7 support. If clients find a website they like a lot, but that suddenly shows bad connections or any other inconvenience, there is a great chance they will quickly search for the next shop and they will never come back. And then you really appreciate a helpdesk that is open 24/7, we can tell from our own experience. Our US hosting service BLUEHOST.COM offers this and also allows you to expand your business (extra domains, extra storage) without additional expenses. The monthly payment is below the level of many other hosting providers.

Get some nice samples

Before you can sell you need some nice hair you can offer to your clients and you can start to use to make pictures to set up your webshop. Instead of buying a lot of hair upfront, you can also start to buy some samples.

The content, how to make your visitors feel they can nearly touch the hair!

For the content you need to take your time, make sure you have the right combination of pictures, vids and text. If you use pictures, make sure you do not pictures that belong to somebody else because this might lead to legal claims. The best is to shoot pictures from your clients (do ask them permission to put their photo online and make sure to use a digital camera or to arrange for a professional photo shoot. You might need to warm up first, but once you fall in love with the camera, the pictures will come out very fine!

How to invite the world to your webshop?

Okay, now you have your website, you found a host for it and you filled it with awesome pictures and products now you only have to wait for the first client to visit your web shop! But how will they find you? Now you need to make sure Google and Yahoo will find your boutique. Here you need to work with the right search terms, the words your clients use in Google if they are searching for your hair extensions!

Make a list of potential search terms. Your market research and the thinking about your unique selling points will help you. For example ask 20 friends the words they use if the Google for hair. Make sure these words are used in your website, write about it and mention them in your meta-tags. Tell the world you are there, not only by using Facebook and twitter, but visit blogs and post a comment. Before you leave the blog do not forget to mention the URL (the path) to your website. Invite them to visit your site and perhaps offer them a present.

Good luck and please share with us when your shop is online, we love to visit and promote your new webshop all for free! Email us for more information on how to get free promotion for your web shop!