Don’t you offer the best hair of the world?

You spent a big portion of your time to look for the best possible quality of hair at the price your clients can afford. You know if your clients are happy with the hair, they will come back and even better they will tell their friends about your products and shop also! But, if you offer the best hair there is, why don´t you tell the world about this?

Show confidence

If you do everything you can to offer the best, then you must have confidence in your product because you know exactly what you are selling. And it is exactly this confidence your clients need to have to decide to buy from you, especially if they are first time buyers from your extensions. If you have confidence in your products, you can offer a fair return policy also. Not because in some jurisdictions it is consumer protection law, but simply because a fair return policy shows to the client how much confidence you have in the hair extensions and wigs you are selling.

We do not accept any returns

But mostly if we visit a hair extensions web shop, the return policy is hidden away, written in small letters and written from the point of view of the seller. The only text they write in capitals is WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY RETURNS. Why? If you want to buy something and the sales person is telling you how great the product is, but they will not accept returns, how much comfort does this give to you? Are they really offering the best there is?

But we believe in our products

How much different if the return policy is changed to a WE BELIEVE IN OUR PRODUCT statement, Tell your clients they can return the extensions if they are not happy. Of course you need to have rules with respect to the conditions under which you can accept the returns because you do not want to end up with used, dirty and modified hair. But, there is nothing wrong to show you trust in your extensions and to use this to promote your hair.

Boost your sales

Try it! Put your WE BELIEVE IN OUR PRODUCT statement at your home page and publish a policy that is written to help the client to decide to buy and you will see your confidence will boost your sales!
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