Wouldn’t it be nice, to have Melanie Iglesias or Jenifer Aniston as a client, just to make them feel and look even better than they do today. But you can turn a lot of your clients into a real celebrity, you only have to spend some time and extra effort.

Your clients deserve to look as great as the celebrities, so why wouldn’t you dedicate your service to you special clients. Open a celebs line, a kind of a VIP treatment for your loyal clients.

Do not offer all your clients this special treatment, otherwise you will lose the possibility to charge something extra. Just offer this service only to your best, or most loyal clients.

So how can you turn your loyal clients into a celebrity?

  • offer only top quality hair
  • wrap the hair like a celebrity is used to receive her hair, use a box instead of a bag.
  • ensure one day delivery, or go for the same day if possible
  • offer payment at delivery service
  • give them access to a dedicated part of your website where their special products are, try to show them only hair that is in their line of interest and
  • even put them on a special mailing list, so they are the first to receive offers or new product launches

Instead of offering your clients a discount to reward them for staying so loyal to you, you offer them an upgraded service. If you invest the higher margin in your celebrity program you are able to keep these clients in and turn them into true ambassadors for your business, because which Celebrity does not want to tell others she is a celeb thanks to your hair?

And… do not forget the men!

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