Hair extensions are still the hottest-trend in the hair industry and to get your share of this booming market you need to inform yourself very well before starting. For this we launched this website to help you, but we also like to support you through some other channels like social media, YouTube and our plans to support you.

Five points if selecting a hair supplier

There is a high demand coming from your clients and potential clients for high-quality extensions, resulting in a look that is, great and impressive but above all completely natural. The extensions should blend perfectly with your client’s natural hair. In order to find the hair extensions you are going to sell you need to do some research. And there are 5 elements we are going to take into account when selecting a supplier. We are going to check: The type of hair, the price, the harvesting and bonding method and the reputation of the supplier.

Analyze the extensions

You need to start to analyze the type of extensions, for example, are you going for 100% human hair? The advantage of human hair is of course the fact that the look and feel is identical with the natural hair of your client, so it will blend easily and the maintenance is equal. And this provides comfort for your clients.
On our YouTube channel we placed a short video with some vital information about the hair, the structure, the differences of the various types of hair and some indications of the drivers behind the price of the extensions. In this video you learn that it is crucial to blend hair that is as much as compatible with the natural hair. You will also see the most common used hair is Chinese hair, this is the less expensive type of human hair, but due to the processing methods you will end up with hair that has less quality. So if you use price as one of the elements to select a supplier, you have to know the times to reuse the hair is limited. High quality hair can be reused more often and this can be used as an argument to support the higher price, also towards your own clients.


Remy Hair

As you know the position of the cuticles is very important, for this the harvesting method is one other element in your selection, You need to be sure all the cuticles face the same direction so they will blend more easily with the natural hair without causing the hair to tangle. And with the cuticles still intact, the hair extensions will have a natural silky look and the client can style it easily. So check if the hair is Remy hair but be aware there is no law that protects the use of the term Remy hair. You can also check with the supplier how the hair is collected, do they keep the hair of a donor together or not. If the hair extensions are produced en masse, strands of different length will be assembled together which can reduce the functioning of the cuticles,

Bonding method

Another element of importance in our search is the bonding method that is used to keep the strands together. The type of bonding method used, should of course not damage the hair of your client, it should be in a natural way and preferably not use chemicals that behave differently from the natural hair when styled or influenced by for example the weather. If the method is based upon natural Keratin, both the extensions and the bond will expand and contract at the same rate as the natural hair and this gives a long lasting and secure bond.

Hair supplier reputation

But it is not only the product, the hair extensions or bonding method that are relevant, also the reputation of the company matters and how they are organized. You should find a company that wants to invest in you also, that is not only focused on closing a deal, to sell as much hair is possible, but where you can have a long lasting relationship.-What do they offer to support you, what kind of information do they provide, do they have certificates, what is the marketing material they use, how is the shipping arranged how is their return policy and how swift do they response on your emails or phone calls.
So, now we know which elements we are going to take into consideration on our online journey for the wholesale supplier, but these elements can also be used if you are looking for a supplier nearby who is not present on the internet.