Did you know 2 out of 3 people have more trust in pictures shot by other users, or ¨user generated¨ pictures of a product, then by professional pictures ? ”

This can be great news if you prefer not to invest too much money and to enhance your relation with your customers.

What can you do?

Encourage you clients to take Selfies and to place them on your social media platforms or even in your newsletter or flyers. Recent research shows people will click, up to 25 percent more often, the buy now button this way. So, thanks God we have selfies!

How to show your brand selfies automatically?

Instagram is growing as a very important platform for people to orientate before they buy a product, like hair extensions. Instagram users very often add comments to their post and every time this includes a hastag with your company name or brand, it´s bingo for you!
The great thing is people like to share their experience with their friends. So if they bought your hair extensions and they have them installed, they want the world to know how good they feel and look!

You can easily integrate these selfies and other promotions of you products by, for example, using websta. If you encourage clients to add your name or a special hastag to the pictures they uploaded, your websta frame will automatically refresh every time a new picture, using this hastag is uploaded on the net. The big advantage is it´s not you who promotes the pictures on your own Instagram account, but your clients on their own account.
Make sure you inform you clients well about the possibility to share their happiness with your brand with you and other buyers. Do not forget to reward, the most active clients, for example to share an Amazon Gift Card or discount voucher. The small money you will invest in the discount or card, will be repaid in no time because of the increased sales!
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