Perform an online market survey for free

Why would you spend a lot of money on performing an online market survey? Wouldn´t you prefer to build a strong relation with your potential clients right away and to get their opinion about your future?
If you start your business, you want to know what the exact need of your target audience is. You want to perform a market survey to be able to only purchase and market hair extensions and hair products your potential clients want to buy.

There are several commercial and free platforms that will help you to get the answers you always wanted to know from your potential clients. But why would you pay money for a platform you can only use once, if you can also set up a platform that will earn you money instead?

How to perform a hair extensions market survey

1.Define your target market. Make sure not to start to ask the whole world, but segment the market. Select an audience amongst potential customers. Read more if you need help to define the target audience. Define also the number of people you are going to contact with your survey. Take into account not everybody will respond to your request to answer your questions. So your initial group should be larger than the number you need to get a significant feedback.
2.Put a benchmark, at what outcome will you decide to continue to launch your new brand? If 60% of the respondents give positive feedback, will this be enough? Or only if you got 90% support for your new product or brand? It is important to set the goal before. The goal can be based upon an internal benchmark, for example a previous held survey. Or you can use External benchmarks available with marketing agencies or the chamber of commerce.
3.Keep it simple. Do not over ask your audience. The risk is too big they will not answer all the questions, or they will stop participating.
4.Share your findings. If you have asked people to participate, they will also appreciate to know what you did with their answers; share your findings and next steps. No need to give away the concept of a unique product before the launch, but share general thoughts. This will help you to get the corporation of your audience the next time.
5. Next to the reward of the feedback you will share, do not forget to share a reward for every participant. For example a discount voucher for the first order with you!

How to get contacts for your survey

It´s good to start as soon as possible with building your network on social media. Interact and start to follow people with interest in beauty and fashion. There are programs like socialbro who can help you to identify these people easily on twitter and Instagram.
Make sure you interact, so people feel you are interested in their messages and not only in your own story.
If you interact with them it is easier and natural to contact them through Direct Messages. Contact them through DM about your idea to start your online shop and tell them you want their opinion. For sharing their opinion you will give them a small gift. Most people like to support others, so a great chance your will get a lot of positive feedback. Ask for their approval to send them an invitation email.

How to roll out the survey?

Now you have a number of contacts that want to share their opinion about ¨your future¨. All you need to do is to contact them using email platform like Aweber. This platform allows you to share emails with many people, track the response and also allow you to check who did not yet open your email. This helps to send them a follow up. Sometimes people get a backlog on the emails and appreciate a reminder.

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List your questions in the email or attach a Microsoft Office Word document with the questions and enough space for answers.

Make sure you include a deadline for the response, mention the reward and do not forget to thank your respondents.

After the deadline, you will have a nice staple of answers that will tell you if your business idea is supported by enough potential clients.

Because you have the names in your Aweber email platform, you can use this to share your survey feedback, but also to pre-announce the launch of your business and later to shout out your promotions only for your VIP audience. Because people who care enough about your business to share their opinion I consider as VIP´s, don´t you? Now you can make money with the email platform because you will be able to promote and to sell exactly the right products! Over and over again!
Good luck in getting to know the needs of your clients!