You have put the greatest pictures on your website, the best stories and you have very competitive prices. And you have a lot of viewers, but hardly any sales, what can you do?

People visit your website, Instagram or Facebook page but how do you keep their attention after they left your page? You know on an average people need to see a shop or the hair extensions before they will buy something.

In 4 strands we will share with you how to keep their attention, even if they are not on your website or Facebook page anymore.

1. Keep your website up to date, refresh your content or offer new content on a regular basis. Avoid to have outdated offers on your site because first time visitors might decide your website is no longer maintained and start to look for another sop without even checking your web shop.

2. Create a social media button (twitter or Facebook) on you site so people can just click on this button and follow you after they left your shop.

3. Keep the conversation going. In other words, keep your social media alive with promo´s and interesting postings and tweets. There are tools, like “socialbro” that can indicate what the best time is to post your tweets, and if you schedule your postings on this best times with Hootsuite you can get the attention from your followers when they are ready for it.

4. Start with your own newsletter. Make sure you have regular updates with interesting articles and relevant promotions. There are various providers of these newsletters, you can select anyone you like, but options you should considers are :

a. Templates available, unless you like to spend a lot of time on composing your newsletters look for a provider that offers a lot of readymade templates. Focus on the content instead on the format of the letter

b. Analytics, learn from your victories and mistakes. This option allows you to see who opened, clicked or downloaded etc. and who´s not. This helps you to fine-tune your emails and to make them more personalized for your followers. And this of course will make them more interested in your offer!

c. Segmenting, this allows you to targeted messages to readers based upon shared behavior. For example a certain region.

We use Aweber because they have the features and even more and Aweber can be easily integrated with your social media. But there are more providers of email marketing solutions. Select the one you feel most comfortable with and does not qualify your mails as spam.

If you want to try if an email program can work for you try the free Test Drive below. No commitments and you can only sell more!

What to consider when buying from an online hair supplier

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Your first time visitor is very important because if you do it well and you offer interesting content they will return to your site and with every time they return there is a bigger chance you will have a new client!