Except for things with buttons, men usually follow women for new trends in beauty and fashion. The same goes for hair. A typical conversation between a barber and his male client about the new hair style consists of four words: ¨the same as usual¨. Thanks to various celebrities like David Beckham this has been changing. Male clients demand more from their barber or better stylist! And now this is the same for hair extensions.
In 2009 on a forum about fashion a man asked if it was acceptable to wear extensions to make his hair longer. The comments went from a simple “yes” (men do not need many words) to tips to double sew in the extension to avoid an embarrassing moment on the soccer field if you lose your extensions after you made the winning goal and the whole team jumps on top of you!
But now it is possible, thanks again to celebrities, like Harry Styles and Justin Bieber, men want to make this step into the women´s world and they also want to have more length, volume and color! And except to look like a celebrity it can also perfectly cover up the impact of the natural hair recession.
Did you already do a market survey to know if male clients would be interested in your products? For sure you need to use a different approach and use more examples of celebrities wearing extensions, but once you got a male client you will have a very loyal client, who will not ask much of your time. When your client returns to your shop he will only tell you: the same as usual!
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