CJ Walker If last week your sales were poor and the last month was no good either, you might start doubting if you picked the right product to sell. You will be searching, reading and analyzing everything that is available just to understand what is going wrong. Perhaps you already start to lose you interest in the hair extensions business, allow the passion to vanish and perhaps you are thinking of telling yourself you will quit the job!

Wait, please wait before you do so, there is one more thing you should read before you make your final decision, a story about a woman who had her own share of misery but succeeded to become the first female millionaire by her own achievements and, by the way, she was the child of former slaves.

Madam C.J. Walker, born as Sarah Breedlove in 1867, had a short, but rather busy, life and she managed to, despite losing both her parents at a young age, the suffering from mistreatment and poverty, to think her way out of all this and to become a successful business woman. There is enough to find on the internet about her years of suffering, but here we want to share with you how you can win the world if you believe in yourself.

Madam C J Walker, or Sarah, lived in an age where the hygienic circumstances where rather poor and due to this there was a high level of hair loss amongst women. They could not take of their hair as they should, so they failed to prevent scalp disease. Sarah began to experiment with home remedies and store-bought hair care products in an attempt to improve the condition of her hair.


Sarah selected a specific target group, African American women, and with the lines in her advertisements she managed to reach the bottom of their hearts, she knew exactly what their needs were, all her clients wanted to be seen, not only by their own husband but by everybody on the street! And C J Walker sold the product that could make that happen! She also choose a name that reflected trust and confidence ¨¨ Madam C.J. Walker¨. Who would not buy from somebody with such a name?

Now she had the product and she had identified and studied her target group, the next step was to bring the target group and the product together, so she went to travel! If the mountain does not come to Mohammed…. She traveled and gave demonstrations, perhaps the first hair extensions parties?

The combination of a good product and training helped to boost the sales, because the persons trained with the method became ambassador’s for JC Walker hair care products. And this helped spreading the word!

So, what can you do to make your first million? Learn from Sarah and leave your comfort zone and focus on one specific product or service that your target group really is in need for. Explain your product or service in text lines your audience will understand and that will be appealing to them. If you finished this homework, it´s time to leave home and to spread the word about your product. And do not forget to pick the right name! Sarah managed to succeed 100 years ago, so you can do it now for sure!

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