Drive your Instagram followers to your web shop and generate a loyal client base

and start earning with your beautiful pictures.

Check the 6 tips to give your sales a boost thanks to your Instagram account or watch the video


1. Instagram Profile: Keep it updated

·Update your company profile with seasonal items, what about Valentine’s day!

·Your bio is the most important for mobile viewers, so make it look great

·Use a special website link, to drive viewers to a special landing page


2. Ask Questions

Invite your viewers to interact with you by asking questions

·Keep your questions short, simple and specific

·Use a cute or fun image

·Write in a very personable tone, to deepen the visitors engagement with your brand


3. This vs. That

Stir up controversy to get your post commented on and loved. Use a ¨this vs. that¨ type post. Ask followers what they prefer – this or that


Think of ¨battles¨ like

    • Human hair vs synthetic hair
    • Clip ins vs weave
    • Curly vs Straight
    • Natural vs Extensions
    • Shop online vs Shop in store


Make it visual and use cool images, split them and layer the -vs that- using Photoshop.


4. Personalize with ¨you¨

Instagram is one of the most personal and friendly kind of social sites. Keep your Instagram updates short, specific and fun. Use the pronoun “you” in your updates too. You too can learn how to get thousand of real followers that you can turn into customers of your beautiful hair.

Show your products in a way that super connects with your Instagram followers

5. Be Charitable and inspiring

Show you are a company and person that cares by supporting charity. Then post it with inspirational quotes on your Instagram

Choose a charity that suites your brand. For example, funds supporting:

  • people suffering from certain diseases, like cancer
  • women in under developed countries

6. Behind the scene look

Post exclusive photos and videos of a behind-the-scene look at a special event

It can be:

  • A hair extensions party you´re hosting
  • Media event you´re invited to
  • Big sale you´re preparing for


Show your staff too, this deepens the connection your visitors and clients have with your store.


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