You want the world to know about your extensions so you invest time and money in promoting your brand.

Regardless if you pay for your advertisements or only use free Search Engine Optimization to increase traffic to your website, you have to measure your effort in time and money and the success rate.
Below you´ll find some important metrics you can follow to see how effective your effort is and to see where you can adapt your marketing campaigns or website  to have a greater result and thus more sales.


This metric is the number of times an advertisement or your key words phrases used in your meta tags appear on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) in response to a query submitted by a potential customer. If you use AdWords for example in the statistics page or in Google webmasters tool that also includes information about non paid queries.

Average number of clicks

If you manage to have your key words appear in the SERP you want your potential clients to click on so they will visit your website of course. As more people consider to use a brand than the number of potential clients that actually buy a brand you can see the key words used most are ones that appeal to the initial phase.

Average cost per click

The value of a click, and this is most relevant for paid advertisements, is determined by the stages of the buying funnel. If a key word is used most often in the awareness stage, this would be cheaper than a key word in the decision making stage. However as there are more companies involved in the first stages of the buying funnel, there is more competition and thus demand too.

Average sales revenue per query

The most important aim of all your effort of online presence is to generate a sale or lead. The key words i

Average number or orders

If you keep track of the key words that generate the highest number of orders you are able to see in what stage of the funnel these words are most popular.

Average number of items ordered

This metric tells you how successful your cross selling (selling more items to one client) is. You best changes for cross selling are with potential clients that are in the Awareness stage, most probably because in the purchase stage clients know exactly what they are looking for and during the awareness stage they are more open to alternatives.

How to reach your growth targets

If you want to start to work with these metrics, or need support to manage your growth and to reach your goals more faster, contact us.

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