Off course you have a marketing plan that brings your shop under the attention of potential clients and highly valued customers. But marketing is not limited to the time you prepare and post advertisement’s or publish posts for your hair business, marketing is in everything you do.

This means even the way you deal with an inquiry for your wholesale prices, a phone call or even the way you style your hair. You get noticed for these things, so pay extra attention to it. Make sure it’s not about you but all about your customer, so in every client contact try to get the following in the mind of the client:

“What a lovely surprise.”
“You remembered I love…”
“No other shop has made me feel so very special.”
“You’ve stopped me worrying about…”
“I know I can always trust you to…”

If you realize you can gain the attention from potential buyers of your hair in every move you make or every step you take this means you have a great way to attract new clients.

Try to get the birthday of your clients and send them a personal greeting on their birthday for example.

Good marketing, so an excellent marketing plan plus the awareness that every little thing you do will also attract clients for your hair business. This includes also the way you act on a community meeting in your neighbourhood.

So how can you benefit from this?

Without spending one dollar, but only by adapting your behaviour and the way you communicate will boost your business. An effective method, and free, for example is if you share genuine compliments, trust us your clients will remember you for a long time.

Every day you are in business, regardless if it’s a quiet day or a hectic day, keep this post in mind. Your clients will notice if you make them feel special every moment they have contact with your shop and they will reward you. Free marketing and highly effective!