Grow your hair business

If you want to grow your hair business to become the best shop of the neighborhood or town, or perhaps to generate enough money to support your family, you need to define goals. How much hair do you need to sell, how many customers do you need, what margin is enough to cover your expenses.

To make sure you set the right goals you need to think of:
• Did your hair business meet your goals last year?
• Did your business grow thanks to new clients or just from existing customers?
• How many clients are returning clients?
• What type of extensions has the highest margin (and what about the lowest)

PR and marketing activities of your hair business

A next step could be to think about the PR and marketing activities of your hair business:

• What kind of promotional activities did you organize, which worked and which didn’t
• Are you using the right media to communicate about your hair business, for example do you use the social media your clients spend time on
• Do you know your client, if you use an email database has it increased and how successful have your article been in terms of opening and clicks,
• Do you have awesome pictures from happy clients on your site? Did you get reviews and did you make sure it was shared on social media ? And do not forget to go through the complaints, these are areas you can really improve in.
• How fresh does your hair business brand look like? Is it time to rethink about your marketing material?

A one page advice

Did you know you can put in one page exactly what you need to do to improve your hair business? Simply make a list of things your business:

• Is good at (Strengths) , for example client satisfaction

• Need to work on (Weakness), for example business planning and forecasting

• Can grow in (Opportunities), think of working with a nail salon that just moved to your area

• Might get hurt from (Threat), things like a low cash flow.

Now you can set your goals for your hair business for next year!