Start selling hair without money

You have passion for hair and you like to make your friends look awesome! But you also want to make little money with your own hair business, or better more than a little bit of money. So how are you going to start start selling hair without money, especially if you only have limited resources, not too much money and not too much time. Because a lot of our visitors have the same kind of question, how to start selling hair without money, I want to help you all.

I am going to start an online hair business without no secrets, so I will share very step I take with you. This will help you to learn how to select the hair, how to find clients, to launch your online shop and to start selling and …. making money. So to start selling hair without money. I will share all the details with you and you can join in any time with questions or suggestions. The shop, I do not have a name for the shop yet, will have very little money to spend, so there will be no hurdle for you to participate and to learn how to start selling hair without money.

The first step, in what country shall we open the hair store?

start selling hair without moneyThe first step is to find out what segment of the global hair and beauty market I want to offer my hair. I can imagine for you that will be your hometown or country. For me that will be the English speaking part of the world because the visitors of our website come from all over the world.

But the world is very big and it’s better to focus so, I decided to ask you in which country you want me to start selling hair without money, it could be in your own country so you can copy that part of the setting up you like and forget the parts you doubt will work. All you have to do is to tweet, mail or post the country of preference and based upon the country with the highest score I will start selling hair without money.

Once there is a name of a country the next step is to perform a market survey, how big is the market, what about the competition, what kind of shops I can work together, how are the demographics etc.

Let me know if you want me to start selling hair without money in your country?

But let’s start with the first step, in which country do you want me to start your hair shop? Benefit from my research and start selling hair without money in your own shop in your own city.

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