“Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed”

This quote shared by Cavett Robert, author of the book “Success with People: Your Action Plan for Prosperity and Success ” inspired Vina from Mystique Hair Collection and me to work together to support you if you want to own your own business. Because many people have the start of a new stepin their career on their New Year’s Resolution list.

Own your own business

Too many times we receive mails from people who told us before” I want to start my own business” and of course they want a hair selling business, but too often a couple of months later they still dream about the business but did not make the big step to launch their own business.

Vina, from Mystique hair Collection, offers great business packages to support start ups to make this dream come true, awesome hair to impress your customers, marketing support and background information and it was her idea to help people who once had the dream like you to own your own business but who did not had the passion anymore to actually start with making their dream happen.

New Year’s Resolution

This month we launched a special campaign not only to share with you a great idea for your best home businesses that you can put on your list as a New Year’s Resolution, we also commit ourselves to help you to make it work. So also in January, when most New Year’s Resolutions already start to fade away, we will remind you and support you to keep on focusing on starting your own business.

How will we support you?

Not only will we share awesome inspiring material about the hair business, we also will help you in your decision-making process to select the best hair for your clients because we offer hair samples of high quality. Samples you can put to the test and you get your money back if you buy your first wholesale order. And last but not least you can get all the business support you need.

So register for our free New Year’s Resolution newsletter, see the purple box below and start working on your resolution, your own hair business!

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