Marketing Campaign

Sell all your hair by planning the right marketing campaign. You do not need a huge marketing budget, all you need is a well organised marketing campaign.

The best performing marketing campaign is a combination of online advertising and direct marketing, do not only invest your time and money in online activities. Make sure you also build a database with leads and clients. Collect email addresses like a schoolboy collects flint.

I have to warn you before you start, to get your marketing campaign working for you have to keep on improving this campaign. Over and over again. And work it up to higher numbers, start small, have it work for you and then you increase the numbers, upscale the effort of your marketing campaign and get those higher sales.


Okay, of course you did not start in the hair business because you love figures, but I can tell it will help you to spend some time in counting number of visitors, pageviews, most visited webpages etc. You can find all this data in Google Analytics, a free tool that keeps track of all your online activity. Figures are the thermometer of your marketing campaign. They will show you if and where you have to add some more or do less.

If you want to get more insight you can step up and see to get a full understanding of what visitors like or skip on your website. There are several programs to monitor eye gravity heat maps, user behavior, scroll maps, conversion rates, conversion from source and more etc..

You have to do some conversion analytic s, find out:
• the exact keyword you use for your advertisement and the landing page combination that’s getting the sale
• Combined with other data, you’ll have a complete view of the users behavior

Avoid to send a message if your client is asleep

Now you can start with behavior and predictive targeting, it’s a waste of time and money if your target audience does not read your messages, simply because they are asleep for example.

You can target:
• The days of the week and even time of the day your ads will run
• The geographic location you should target
• User behaviour
• Demographics, age and sexes of your visitors
Interest in certain fields, marketing is a holistic approach, you clients are not only looking for new hair extensions 24/7, they have other interests but if you also pop up at events involved in those other interest you get noticed.

Take in your survey into account every customer and every lead, also investigate non buyers. If a non buyer ends up at your website but does not buy there is a chance you can offer them an adapted product or service. You should also use the eldest skill of the world, to listen to your customers, what they are looking for and how do they want it to get presented. Ask feedback via email and then call them.

And please be patient, on an average it takes at least 7 to 8 times before it works well.

tips if you set up your marketing campaign

If you set up your marketing campaign think of the following:
• Happier customers mean higher lifetime customers, meaning customers that will come back to buy more often
• Never try to create demand, do not try to force the rest of the world to buy your taste of products, and instead feed a hungry market. It’s good to be a visionary but do not offer awesome products before the market is ready for it.
• People already know, unconsciously, what they want and they reveal it every day by paying for it. Therefor it helps to investigate the competition, they have where your clients are paying for today. Find out what your target audience wants the most and make it possible to them through your business.
• Use tools to find out the traffic sources your competitors advertise on and start buying the product and go through their sales process, browse through their website and check their ads.