Make money by not neglecting your existing clients

It´s always nice to attract a new customer, somebody who before bought her extensions from your competitor, but who has now decided to go for your offering. Congratulations, that´s one client more. But why did this client decide not to buy the extensions from her previous shop anymore and how do you treat your own existing client base?

We support you with a lot of information around skills and techniques on market research, to understand what your clients really want, see for example our eBook with business plan templates. With this market research you can offer them exactly the products they need. But at the same time you have the challenge to understand why this client would like to keep on buying from you, why are they loyal to you?

In order to be able to understand this, to know why your client stays loyal, you have to consider three things, Reliability, Interest and Involvement.


Between the client and you there should be unconditional trust, only if your client completely has trust in you, they will not be (too) sensitive for the temptations of the offers from your competitors.

The temptations can be the offering of a lower price, the idea the service provided by the competition is better, the give more information, etcetera. These temptations can seduce your clients to consider buying somewhere else. Unless…, unless you offered them something that has more value, reliability!

How can you stimulate this trust between you and the client? For this you have to:

keep in touch

do right

-put the interest of your client first and not making money

express in case of doubt, the client is always right

offer proactively added value

take your responsibility if things go wrong



The client wants to feel she matters, she wants to experience she is of importance for you. So, not a sign board with the words ¨you matter to us¨ while at the same time you ask the client to wait because you have an important phone call to answer!


Your highest aim is to satisfy the needs of your client, in order to be able to do so; you need to work closely with your client. She should know she can share her concerns, her questions with you and you should be able to adapt your service and product offering to her needs. Let her know you want to work in a way it´s convenient for her.

Investing in your existing clients pays off

In marketing and sales, most effort, both in time and money, is spent to acquire new business, new clients, but any effort in your existing client base has a much higher return, because they already know you, your shop and the quality of your products. If you neglect your existing clients, there is a big risk you will lose them and with them a solid base to stay in business.

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