A question I received last week was: What to consider when buying from an online hair supplier. This is a very good question, because you need to have a hair supplier that not only offers high quality hair extensions, but also that has reliable shipping terms and a fair return policy.
Below you’ll find SIX points to consider when buying from an online hair supplier

1. Check what others tell about these suppliers

Use google news to find any news from others about the online hair supplier you are investigating. Do not forget to check the date the news was published. It’s possible a bad comment from a few years ago has been used by the company to improve their performance. Look for social media postings, again from others, to check on the company.

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2. What is your online hair supplier sharing?

Visit their website and social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. When was the first posting and do they keep on sharing news through social media. Do they reply to people who share a comment? How does the website look like, are the pictures on the website original pictures or have you seen them on other sites too. A genuine supplier only uses of hair and models (or selfies) made by themselves or pictures they received from their own clients.

3. How do they communicate with you?

If you still have a good feeling about the hair supplier, it’s time to contact them to check their communication flow. How do they respond on your questions, in time and with enough details, or not at all or very late? Some sample questions you can use:

a. How is the length of the hair measured (true in length or not?)
b. Can they arrange private labeling for you, so you can sell using your own brand name?
c. What is the return policy?
d. Can the hair be colored, bleached or dyed?
e. Is the hair heat resistant?
f. Can you pay in a secured way, for example PayPal?
g. Are the cuticles intact & aligned in the same direction?
h. Is it virgin hair, thus is the hair unprocessed?
i. If the hair has been processed what has been exactly has been done to it?
j. How long will the hair last with proper maintenance & care?
k. What are the maintenance guidelines for this type of hair extension?
l. Is there a silicone coat applied?
m. What about export and import duties, who is paying?
n. Is the shipment insured and who pays the insurance fee
o. What are the shipping conditions, in time to deliver, holiday seasons and expenses.

4. Do they offer samples or allow small orders

The hair extensions industry is all about trust, you need to trust the online hair supplier and the hair they sell. Try to get a sample, if possible for free or with a guarantee you can deduct the purchase price if you place your first wholesale order. If this is not possible and you are happy with their answers, you can try to place a retail order.

5. Put the hair to the test

If you have received the hair extensions sample or retail order it’s time to put the hair to the test. Test the quality

  • Burn test, if you apply fire to the end of the hair extensions and it melts together then it is synthetic hair. If it turns into ashes, then it is human hair.
  • Wash the hair, and see if the water colors dark or not. This should not be the case if it is natural brown or black. Check also if the hair tangles.
  • Bleach the hair and see if the color that shows after you bleached the hair is natural. If not and it turns a strange color you have bought inferior hair extensions.
  • Install the hair and see how the hair falls and how long you can wear the hair extensions

Do not forget to compare your test results with the answers from the online hair supplier and contact them if there is any doubt.

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6. Post your review on the social media of the online hair supplier

Let’s help each other to improve the quality of this beautiful industry, and share your review, good or bad (but fair and with respect) on social media. This helps bad online companies to adapt the quality of the products they sell or to stop offering the hair.

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