Home based business

Start selling hair as a home based business and combine your passion for hair with the comfort of working from home. It sound’s easy but did you know to start a successful Hair Business from home is more difficult than you would expect? You need to have a lot of discipline to keep a balance between you private life and your own home based business, if not you will not be able to focus and the make the best out of it.

Before you start a home based business think of the following

Can you deal with clients if your 4 year old is asking for you

Be sure you have time and space that is only for you, when you are dealing with clients, preparing the meeting or sales talks. Do not try to divide your attention between your mother and your Hair Business from home, believe me, it will not work. Make sure you can also take some time off, it’s not healthy to work day and night, be sure to spend quality time with your family.

Are you going to share your business computer with the kids

You will need a computer for your home based business, but if that computer will also be used by your kids to do some research for a paper they need for school or college you run the risk the priorities will no longer be at the hair business but at the needs and wishes of your kids. But also can you find a space or room in your house that allows you to work without being disturbed? And if you have a space, will you have enough light and fresh air?

To receive clients at your house

If your clients will visit you, make sure you have enough parking spots, check if your insurance company covers any damage caused during office hours and avoid your clients have to take two stairs and a kids bedroom before they reach your showroom. A home based business does not equals your home has been taken over by your business.

No office space requires high quality stationery and website

Don’t use your home address for your business cards, stationery, collaterals, etc. Better to have a PO box where you can get all your mail. Spend time and money to make your business cards, brochures, and stationery reflect a truly professional operation. It will often be the first impression potential clients will have about your brand and you want that first impression to be a good one.
Dedicate enough time to have a well designed website and of course a name for your business that will allow people to find your business as easy as possible and to remember. For ideas hair business names check our list of names or register your domain name before others do.

Keep the background noise down

Make sure you can keep noise at the background at the lowest possible level, you do not want to be middle in a closing of a deal and be disturbed by a fight between your kids, or a barking dog Also avoid your kids to answer the phone, your clients might not mind but it is just not very professional.

Home based business







Remeber you are not in prison

The business is done with real people so make sure you spent enough time outside the home based office, it will not only give you some fresh air, it will also allow you to meet interesting people. Because you decided to work from home does not mean you are not allowed to leave your home any more.

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