Wholesale Hair Extensions

A successful hair business requires access to top wholesale hair extensions. You will not always be able to find wholesale hair extensions manufacturers nearby. This is not bad, because it will also help you to be more successful to sell hair extensions, once you have found a supplier of wholesale human hair extensions.
But where to find them and how to find the best for your hair shop you can trust?

Step 1 use google search for ¨Wholesale Hair Extensions¨

If you search for ¨Wholesale Hair Extensions¨ it gives you more than 3 million results of Hair extension wholesale suppliers. Too much to check them all, right? You can start to check the first ten wholesale hair extensions suppliers you find.

Step 2 Select your top 10 Hair extension wholesale suppliers

We selected at random for you:
These results are as mentioned completely at random, you might find other Wholesale hair weave distributors if you search on the internet. We are going to start with these ten wholesale hair extensions first, but if you have another supplier you would like to check, feel free to contact us so we can help you to analyze this supplier!

Step 3 Check what the web is telling you about these wholesale suppliers

What is the opinion of millions other visitors of the internet about these wholesale hair extensions suppliers. Check first news, reviews or any other information, before you start to visit their websites. The reason is the website can look very beautiful and impressive, but for you what counts is the quality of the hair extensions, the customer service and the experience others had with these firms.
A great method to follow the companies on your top ten list is to create a google alert. Every time when news is shared about the supplier you get a message in your mail box. Google helps you to create this alert if you use the news toolbar. You can select the exact search term and when you want to receive the news alerts. Handy to monitor the news about your potential hair supplier and it´s for free! TIP, make an alert of your own brand, this helps you to see what others write about you too!

How does this work?

We start with EasyWeave.com

After we made a google news alert for EasyWeave.com we scrolled down the search page with EasyWeave.com. It teaches us they have 93 customer reviews, a FaceBook page and reviews shared on other websites.
Based on the linkedin profile the company EasyWeave LLC was founded in 2012 as a multi-vendor marketplace for buying and selling human hair extensions. I used this to connect to the company and to invite the CEO Nwamaka Nzeocha. Let´s see we can connect this way.

EasyWeave Google

If you check the twitter account there are over 2800 tweets, however mostly tweets from EasyWeave and hardly any conversation, and remember it’s called social media. TIP, if you have a twitter account avoid only to post tweets, but try to interact with others. This is not only more fun to do, it also helps others who are interested in your hair to check how you deal with potential clients.
And you can check of course also other social media, like Facebook and Instagram.

Step 4 Start the conversation.

There is a nice page with support and there I could ask my question on a support ticket. So I asked for samples, the return policy and the best selling hair at the moment.
Very short after the questions have been asked a detailed response followed, that’s promising for the future.
EasyWeave offers hair from various Chinese wholesale hair extensions manufacturers. For hair samples you have to purchase some bundles from the Chinese suppliers.

Step 5 Check the wholesale hair extensions manufacturers

Because EasyWeave is a platform of hair suppliers and not selling the hair, the next step is to contact the wholesale hair extensions manufacturers. In a way this means we have to redo the previous steps again.
If you want to know more, keep an eye on our website as we will continue to analyse suppliers of wholesale human hair extensions and the products they offer. Or if you want to start right away your own hair shop: