How to get free hair extensions

You are in business and now you want to know how to get free hair extensions because you want to offer the best product at the best price. But you can not buy hair from all the wholesale hair extensions manufacturers in the world, simply because you are in this business to make money.

You want to know how to get free hair extensions, start a blog

A great way to get free hair extensions is to start to help the wholesale hair extensions manufacturer or distributor to market their hair extensions. If you start a blog about hair extensions it can work for you in three ways
• first of all, people with interest in hair extensions or hair products will be able to see the expert you are, and you will build up the trust in your blog and later website. Not a bad thing as this is very, very important in the online business.
• You can start to test hair extensions, the best way to keep contact with suppliers and potential hair clients. In other words your business network will start to grow and by doing so the number of potential clients
• And this is the answer on How to get free hair extensions, because you can start to contact the suppliers for free hair to review

Okay, you will not get much free hair extensions if you have no audience yet, so you need to invest some time in building your audience. Below you will find some tips.

What to write about

First analyse the type of questions and topics your audience would like to read about, what are they looking for on the internet? Check with other reviews and blogs, talk to women (and men) at the hair salon or in a hair extensions shop or search yourself on the internet.

Micro ring hair extensions

If you have a list of topics or questions your audience is interested about, organize this list and group it, group similar items together and use google search to find related items. For example, if you have learned your audience is interested in micro ring hair extensions you key this in the google search bar and this will tell you related questions are:
– The pros and cons about micro ring hair extensions
– If micro ring hair extensions can damage your hair
– Prices of micro ring hair extensions

And some more. Now you have great material to write about, just find the answers or give your opinion about these questions and you will have people visiting you blog looking for it.

Be honest

Make sure you are original and honest in what you share, do not copy paste from others, but add something new to you post. And there are only very little products that are perfect 100%, be realistic.

Why will your blog be interesting for wholesale hair extensions manufacturers

If you keep your blog fresh and you share regularly new content your reviews will be telling the story of their hair extensions to a growing number of visitors and thus potential clients. A great investment for a hair suppliers, because the review will never be used to wrap fish on the market.

Next to the fact your review will be online for the rest of times, it is also very cheap for the hair suppliers to market their hair extensions and products through your blog. They only have to invest the cost price of the hair extensions, nothing more.

Make sure you connect your social media to your blog, start the conversation and keep the conversation going, by doing so the wholesale hair extensions manufacturers or supplier will benefit from the discussion and can adapt, if needed their product offering based upon real customers feedback.

How to get free hair extensions

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How to get free hair extensions to blog about

Every begin is small, so also the number of people that will know about your blog when you start. It needs time, creativity, time, originality and time to grow. The time I refer to is the time you are able to invest in your blog and you can speed up the moment until everybody is talking about your by thinking about.

Be a spy

First check other blogs and see which companies benefit from these blogs to share their hair extensions, find out how you can add something extra to the reviews and post shared. Contact wholesale hair extensions manufacturers and share your idea of the game changing blog with them. Make sure to make them as enthusiastic as you are, this will be the same passion you are going to share with your audience.

Never give up

Hair suppliers get a lot of emails so make sure if you contact the supplier your email looks professional and without any typing errors. If possible try to get the name of the person in charge of marketing, better to end up in her or his inbox than in a general company mailbox.

And again, after the first contact, make sure to keep the conversation going, share what you do or plans for a new post that could be relevant for the supplier.

Start and end with being honest, avoid to recommend a product only because you get the product for free, because if you disappoint your audience they will never get back to you blog and you will not grow your audience at the required speed. Ready to start your own hair business

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