How to start selling bundle hair

Ready to give your sales a boost, what about to start selling bundle hair? Read in this post why selling bundle hair will help you in reaching your sales target, simply because you follow the way most of your clients think. Or in other words because you use psychology.

What is a bundle deal?

In a bundle deal you offer several hair products in one combined unit that is often marked at a reduced price. If one would buy the separate products, the price will be higher.

How to start selling bundle hair

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What kind of bundles are possible

To start selling bundle hair you can make various combinations, you can select to add the same lengths of Brazilian in one bundle, or you can also combine the different lengths so people can add volume to their hair in a more natural way. But why not create a bundle deal with some hair maintenance products, if you have a special conditioner or shampoo that keep the hair in shape and avoids tangling, add it to the hair.

What is the advantage

For the customer buying bundle hair gives the satisfaction of getting a better deal than buying the various wefts separate. Who is not in for a bargain, especially if one can calculate the discount on the back of a match box. The same quality but a lower price, buy it!
For you as a (online) shop owner the advantage is also clear, you do not have to negotiate over the price anymore so your customer is happy without the risk getting disappointed because there is no discount. You will be able to cross sell products, and get a higher margin. Higher sales volumes will get you again a lower purchase price from the hair extensions manufacturers.

How to start selling bundle hair

How to show bundle deal on your website

Make sure your client will be able to see the clear advantage. Start to show the individual items and show your bundle deal at the same page. If people have to visit multiple pages of your website, great change they will forget the advantage and not buying the bundle deal.
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