Hair and makeup company names

To pick awesome hair and makeup company names is one of the most fun parts of starting your own business. You are the boss, so you decide, right? Wrong, your hair company name is so important you have to take some guidelines into consideration before your start to tell everybody about the name of your hair and makeup company.

Your company name will be the very first potential customers will see about you, so make sure it’s a well-chosen name.

Hair and makeup company names

What is your mission

Every company needs to have a goal and mission, so before you start your own business you have to think about where your company stands for and how you want to achieve this. Are you a very innovative re-seller, make sure your clients who are sensitive for the latest evolution on the hair market feel at home with your brand. Do you want to put your passion and love for people to service women who suffer from hair loss, you have to share this through your name.

Maestro, music please

Dim all the lights, get yourself a nice drink, light some candles and play your favorite music, because now you are starting a creative process, write down all ideas that pop up in your head:

  • Your own name
  • Synonyms
  • Popular phrases
  • Play word games
  • Words in foreign languages, like in French
  • Anything that comes from the creative part of your mind

Make sure not to drink too much, because you will use this list later in the full light to compare them with some guidelines.


Did you turn on the light again? Now we are going to use some guidelines to select a hair company name, this is serious business.

Are you allowed to use the name?

First of all, now you have a list of probably 15 to 20 names, you have to check if you are allowed to use the names from a legal point of view. Check with your chamber of commerce for example if the names are not already taken. This avoids a great loss of time and money, because the town is never big enough for two hair companies named TheBestHairofThisTown.

Can your name be remembered?

Please think again why you need a name for your hair brand or hair and makeup company, because you want people to find and remember you, right? If your hair company name is too difficult to note or to pronounce, people will give up the effort to remember it and gone is your first client.

Nothing bad if you have to explain your name, but make sure your clients will understand the link between your goal and mission and the hair company name. For my first company I selected some letters of the first names of my four kids, Maxime, Naomi, Chantal and Raymond and this gave me ‘MaNaChaRay’ , it looked great, but except for myself nobody could pronounce the name and my explanation did not turn a smile on the face of any client. Lovely kids but bad idea for a business.

Do not forget the internet

Okay you might have a smaller number of potential names left by now. Now take into account how people will try to search for you once they heard somebody telling them about your hair company. How will they note your name, is it easy to spell or will it be difficult for them? You do not want to lose people because they misspell your company name and end up with the competition, do you?

The same goes for the yellow pages off course.

Talking about the internet, avoid to use a name that starts with the same wordings as other hair companies. If you selected TheBestHairofThisTown and the domain already exists, you will be in a serious competition if you name yourself

Use the tool below to check the availability of your name on the internet.

CHECK and CLAIM your domainname and brandname BEFORE ANOTHER does

Wait before to do a shout-out

Now you did nearly everything that is needed to pick the best hair and makeup company names, but before you do a shout-out, please

  • Make sure your name is not related to a product or service you do not want to be linked to, there are a lot of girls with the beautiful Egyptian name Isis, meaning throne and it would not be bad for a hair selling business, but many people doubt if this is still a smart name to use.
  • Ask your family or friends what they think of the name, do not tell them it was your idea, because than your mother will like it anyhow, but go for the most critical response.

Did you pass the test?

If your name did pass all the testing and you selected the best of all hair and makeup company names it’s time to register your domain, to open a Facebook page, a Twitter and Instagram account and do not forget Pinterest. Please do not forget to share your name with me so I can help you to give your name the recognition it deserves and let me do the shout-out!

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