Micro ring hair extensions wholesale

If you are looking for a niche market, why not trying to start selling micro ring hair extensions? Start an innovative wholesale hair extensions business for micro ring hair extensions. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of salons and hair re-sellers and create in collaboration with them the best unique selling point and get guaranteed great sales figures!

Micro ring hair extensions

Micro ring hair extensions are a cold method, so no heat is used for the installment. This method belongs to recent innovations in the beauty business and has very much positive feedback from customers. On an average it will take about 3 hours to install a full head of hair extensions.

Time to remove the micro ring hair extensions is minimal, because of the cols method and the hair can be reused easy, which is another great advantage, above for example fusion hair extensions.

For micro ring extensions it’s important to share clear maintenance instructions with the customer, especially if they are first time buyers.

There is a clear growth in hair re-sellers offering loop hair extensions, micro loop extensions, micro ring extensions or nano ring extensions, using the advantages of this hair for their customers. And happy customers is what we all want, isn’t it?

Micro ring hair extensions wholesale

Why not use the demand of the individual customers or retail clients to support hair extensions re-sellers to get high quality micro ring hair extensions? The advantage is you do not need to reach out to all the women who are looking for innovative and awesome hair, but you can focus on salons, beauty businesses, or hair re-sellers who have already a warm contact with their own customers.

Offer a great service, keep your time to deliver short, create in cooperation with your clients, the salon and re-sellers, products and services that match with their needs. This will help you to build not only a strong relationship with your customers, but it will also boost your sales.

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