How to buy hair wholesale?

Are you selling hair extensions to your customers as salon or hair store owner, then you need to purchase hair from wholesale companies. Read below on how to buy hair wholesale in a way you are sure you get the right hair.

1. Listen to your clients

First of all, the most important thing if you want to know how to buy hair wholesale you have to select what group of customers you want to make look and feel good. It’s better to focus in the beginning on one type of hair you want to sell. Make sure you know everything about not only the hair, the texture and how to maintain it, but also about your clients. Their interests, the music they like, the movies they like to watch, just everything that helps you to get a good idea.

2. How to buy hair wholesale

Now you know your client and the type of hair they want to purchase, it is more easier to find the right wholesale supplier. Selling hair is not only a matter of the quality of the hair, because hair is a natural product, unless your clients prefer synthetic of course, it’s always possible there will be deviations between one order and the other in quality, colour, or texture. It’s very important to be able to communicate with the hair supplier if you are not happy about the shipment for example.

3. Try to get the VIP treatment of your hair wholesale supplier

Money invested in your inventory is expensive money, because you purchased the certain lengths, texture and color already, so if your clients for some time are less interested in purchasing the hair you need to invest additional money to have hair you can sell to your customers. So if you are able to agree with your hair wholesale supplier short times to delivery, and they can guarantee you will always receive the hair within the agreed deadline, you can save on the inventory. So, make sure you get the VIP treatment. This will make you more flexible on adapting your hair offer to the needs and demands of your clients.

4. Two suppliers are better than one

Reduce your dependency from your wholesale supplier by selecting an alternative wholesale supplier. Now you know How to buy hair wholesale you can use the same criteria as for your main supplier, so in case your main wholesale supplier is not able to deliver the hair or disappoints you over time you can switch without endangering your promise to your own clients.

Make nice money to be able to stay in this beautiful business and combine passion with beauty.

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