How to start your own hair product line

Do you want to make people happier, give them what they like and what they need. If you have found your niche, that special product that makes women all over the world to come to look for your own hair product line, you are not only in business, you can stay in business because your will have loyal customers.

How to start your own hair product line

Okay, you are an experienced cosmetologist and you have found a great combination of hair from various donors, that is thé beauty solution for African American women, or that mixes perfect with hair of Hispanic women. How are your turning this awesome hair product into your own product line, or brand.

What is your story

The most important step if you want to start your own hair product line, is to have a message, your story about the product. What kind of experience you want to give to the end user of your hair product line? What are the needs or wishes they have you are going to satisfy? Put enough effort in writing down your message, in a way it is focused and consistent.
Once you have this message, make sure you only tell this particular story, in everything you communicate, so on your wrapping paper or packaging, on your website, your blogs and your social media postings. Tell only one story and if you decide to work together with partners, let them tell the same message. The message about your own hair product line, that’s the best way on how to start your own hair product line.
Only if you potential client reads your message, on for example your Instagram post and it makes her think, “interesting… I want to know more” make sure if she ends up on your website, you still tell the same story.

Avoid to dilute your story and to harm your hair product line

Do not make the mistake to grow too fast and to add all kind of customers to your target audience before you have enough clients that perfectly fit with the story you tell and thus the product you offer. Relax, there are 7 billion people minus yourself out there waiting for a special product, only for themselves. And you have this product, but you need to grow in a consistent way. If you start to aim your communication to too many people, your message will get diluted and you will lose potential clients, clients that have been visiting your website already and have been thinking of purchasing your product. After all what you did to attract them, you don’t want to lose them do you.
If you want to grow, make sure you grow using the same message and grow with more of the same, add more blog posts, add partners that have their own clients already and use your story to add these clients to the list of happy customers using your hair product line.


Create your own hair product line together with your customers, make sure they know you listen to them and give them a fair share in the development of the hair product. Imagine the marketing impact if you can add to your story, invented in collaboration with the best salons of this state! Or ask a beauty institute to work together with their students on the product. You will not only have a great experience yourself, you will also have a great number of ambassadors who are dying to sell your hair line, because it’s their own product too.

How to start your own hair product line
Do not design your own hair product logo

Even if you are very creative, make sure you ask a professional designer to develop your brand logo and the format. It really pays off if you share your concept and story with a designer so she or he can make a consistent format for you.

Make it exclusive

The best way to start your hair product line is to develop a line only for salon owners or licensed cosmetologist. If your brand will only be available for professionals, it gives it something special, something mystique. And that’s what people want, something special only for them.
If you later want to share your experience with the private individual buying, pick another way to package and market your product. Avoid to dilute the successful message you told salon owners and make the product less special.
The great thing if you have an own brand is you can make more margin, but you should take into account the time and effort it takes you to grow to a brand people prefer above other solutions.
Now you know the first steps on how to start your own hair product line, why don’t you start. And show your friends your own hair line before they do!