Returning visitors can become happy customers

Once or twice a week you take some time to sit down and to write a nice blogpost. Just to keep your visitors and customers up to date about the trends in the hair business and to tell them about any special offer you have for them.

A blog is a great way of starting the conversation, and it feels rewarding if you can share your knowledge to help your customers or visitors.

reBut if you check the number of returning visitors with Google analytics, you notice the number of new visitors is much higher than the returning visitors. That’s a pity, because returning visitors or clients have a higher value than new ones. You need to spend a lot of time to attract new visitors or clients so try to put your focus on happy visitors and clients. Remember, most visitors need at least seven times to see and check your hair and brand before they will actually do a purchase.

How to keep the conversation going

Every returning visitor of your website, webshop or blog was once a new visitor, but because you offered something interesting they returned to you, time after time. Just to check for something new. But not everybody did. The exact numbers you can see if you use Google Analytics. Under audience>behaviour you find new vs returning. This ratio gives you a good idea if you are interesting enough for people to come back, or returning visitors.

If the ratio Returning visitors versus new visitors is too low, there are a few things you can do to improve this. It pays of to invest time in this group of visitors because only by repeating your offer enough they will return.

Be yourself

Nothing wrong in putting a nice looking picture of you on the website, for example the about me page, but why not a small picture also on your home page. People remember faces more easily and it helps them to feel at home on your website or blog. So if they feel at home, for sure they will visit you more often.

Call to action

If you expect your visitors to react on your blog , ask them for their response, Imagine the value for other visitors if they can not only use your wisdom and vision on the hair extensions business but if it is enriched with the ideas of others your blog really has value. So ask their feedback in a clear call to action. The great thing is everybody will learn from it, so you start a kind of community around your brand.

Make sure there is no doubt of what the goal is of your call to action.



There she is again, the newsletter, this is a great tool to share what’s new on your website with visitors who had been on your website before. If you have a special offer, or a re-lauch, use your newsletter to share it with your subscribers.

If you offer your first time visitors a premium to sign up, you have a good chance the number of email visitors will grow week by week. Offer a discount coupon, or a small conditioner if they sign up.

Make sure to do a follow up, some mail providers have the option to wrote several mails in advance, so your subscribers will automatically receive a constant flow of newsletters. Aweber has a free booket with tips on “what to write in your emails“.

Watch out, sometimes when I subscribe to a newsletter, after the sign up I do not receive anything anymore. That’s a waste of time, both for the visitor and for you. So if you add a newsletter to your website or blog make sure there is a follow up.

Social Media

In real life if people talk about you, they will not forget you and the same goes for social media. Be  present on social media and you do not only communicate like one direction but really engage with your followers. Listen to what they tell and post and interact.

If the conversation and interest is genuine, these followers will also check on your website if you post an interesting story, blog post or offer,and the become a returning visitor.

Was this post helpful, and are you ready to grow your business ?