Hairareus reviews

Use the strengths of others, like the US based Hairareus, to improve your own hair business. You want to start your own hair business, or you are looking for ways to improve your own marketing and sales activities? Do not forget to use the huge effort companies like Hairareus have done already.
And another good thing, it’s completely for free and not illegal!

Hairareus 3 stores plus strong online presence

Okay, so how did Khat Rabbani and Ashley Williams, the founders of Hairareus start? You would be surprised to know according to an interview with CNBC they started in 2011 with USD 2,000 selling hair extensions out of their cars! So never think you need much money to start in this beautiful business.
Today, Hairareus has three shops and a strong online presence, supported by the right social media, like twitter (a lot of customer’s feedback) and Facebook.
A nice quote, and very interesting is what Ashley Williams shared “Williams said. “We didn’t do anything else but sleep and eat Hair Are Us.” Luckily, they knew who their future customers were, and they knew how to target them.”

Three lessons for you from the founders of hairareus

1. You can read they fully focused on Hair Are us, so it proofs to keep focus and to be master of the many ideas that pop up as a new entrepreneur
2. Know who your target audience is, whom are you going to service, where do they live, what do they eat, what do they like to watch on TV or in the movies. Try to understand and know your target customers better than your own partner. Too bad, sometimes you wish that wouldn’t be that easy ;-).
3. Know how to target your customers, now you know your client and where they like to be, you can figure out how to share with them the right story, a story that sells.


Analysing hairareus

Product offering

Hairareus has a broad product offering, they offer from weave o clip ins, lace wigs and also hair maintenance products. This helps the customer to do one stop shopping, and enables hairareus for cross- and upselling, so benefiting from customers that already decided to purchase one product to offer an other product.


Not only on youtube reviews but also if you go through the Twitter postings, customers in general agree on the fact the price hairareus puts on their hair extensions is affordable. Do realize the way clients perceive the price of hair depends highly on the quality of the hair, how long it will last and if the hair keeps the texture. So you can’t copy paste these price levels one to one on your own hair extensions.

Marketing- scarcity sells

Hairareus is strong in the marketing of their hair, for example they managed to get their customers to share their feedback rather generous trough social media. Their shops look very nice and give the visitor the right experience. Something to consider is the strength of scarcity. The word is Hairareus re stocks every Thursday at 5 o’clock. So if a customer does not want to run the risk to miss the correct length, texture or color they have to order in time. Otherwise, they have to wait another week.

This is a great way to influence the purchasing decision, and seems to work like an auction. Buy now because 10 minutes later it’s gone.

There are two ways to use this technique, tell visitors the offer will only last for a week and put a countdown on it, or you tell in the beginning the availability is limited, so better be fast. The last seems to be more in the interest of the client, so I suggest you try this yourself too.

The experience

Hairareus offers in their stores also complementary services, like even teeth whitening services. This is a great way of offering your customer a complete makeover and as they will see it as a kind of bundle deal, they will most probably not leave the store before they look and feel better than ever before!

Return policy

For hairareus a sale is final, so not much chance to return the hair extensions after you purchased the hair. If you bought online you can return the hair within 72 hours after the purchase in the Hair Are Us online shop. They charge usd 25 fee, but to support you with the return they have a special page. Collect the information from unhappy clients and see how to improve in this field, if people have other expectations of the hair at the moment of the purchase than when they open the package or do the install it helps to think how to avoid this. Better pictures, more video’s and of course better maintenance cars and instructions. This opens the way for cross selling because if you have a shampoo and conditioner that goes well with the hair, sell it to your client.

The product, a review

In the video you will find an example of a review of hairareus, ity’s a very positive review and deals with 10 questions like, was the hair of hairareus affordable, how long does it last, what about shipping, does it shed but also would you buy again from hairareus. The girl of the review is positive, but what do you think of Hair Are Us and what would you do better or the same? Tell us.