Tools to boost your hair sales

Selling hair is a matter of confidence, the customer needs to feel confident with you, your  shop and the hair extensions you offer. Only when there is trust and the customer likes the hair, she will buy from you. You have to invest in this trust, and this requires some patience from your side. Not easy if you feel so much passion about you hair products and you want every woman on earth to look great, with your hair installed.

My goal with this website is to share with you knowledge, experience and tools to built this trust so you will not only have happy customers you will also see higher sales. Next to a stable online presence of your website it really works well if you share on a regular basis with your newsletter subscribers the latest news of trends and special offers.

You can not do it all alone, so next to the support you can get from How To Sell Hair Extensions, you can automate some of the hard work to tools that will make sure you can stay in touch with your customers. We share these tools with you in the many postings on this website, but now we also created a special page, that will contain all the tools.

We will only share with you tools we actually use and that supports us to grow, So feel free to check if these tools will help you also and please feel free to share your experience, we love to hear from you!