If you want to be different and launch a business that has innovation, glamour and the client in focus my interview with Lisa Richards, co-founder of RPZL in New York, is a must read for you.

Lisa is not only sharing how she and Monica Thornton, the other co-founder, got inspired to start this gorgeous salon and store, she shares awesome marketing advice in this interview to start ups and she tells about the importance of a Business Plan. Lisa spent the last 15 years launching new entertainment and sports initiatives worldwide, including the creation of brands, trademarks, media campaigns, and special events. She has all kinds of innovative, creative marketing experience. So who is in a better position on how to advice you on marketing?

But the best part still has to come, Lisa also made me a promise, on their gorgeous and very relaxing sofa! You can benefit from this promise so you can get the best position on the hair market, now!

Read the interview, watch the pictures, or the video and visit RPZL New York with Lisa Richards. And if you have any question feel free to contact me or Lisa.

But you can also start right away with our Hair Extensions Business Plan Templates and launch your own business now!

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