Sell more because you offer hair only a few people are looking for!

If I talk to people who want to start their own hair store, most of them just want to sell hair. Every possible hair Brazilian, Peruvian, Russian, Malaysian. You name it, they want to sell it.

But I also receive mails from entrepreneurs who are very disappointed because the sales lack behind, They do not understand because they offer everything but nobody is buying!

Even if your market survey tells you, your target audience wants hair stores to sell hair in all possible textures, origins and lengths. There is a big chance this will not happen in your store.

So is there nothing you can do?

Yes, sell Vietnamese Cold Fusion, or the long tail

I do not mean you should only sell the tall lengths, or pony tails, but you should limit your offer, make it more specific.

So if you sell hair, offer hair not that many people are looking for. This will give you many benefits. The reason is simple if you offer hair that is Brazilian, or Peruvian, you will not be the only store that pops up in google search. But if you offer for example  “Vietnamese cold fusion”, you might very well attract more visitors. The explanation is simple, because you offer something unique and with 7.3 billion people on this earth there will be enough people looking for Vietnamese cold fusion, for example.

Because you offer this hair, and the internet is free of boundaries (except for some countries, like North Korea or Turkey) you can reach enough people to create an interesting market.

If you offer long tail, you will:

  • Increase your name recognitions, and this will also have a spin off for more plain vanilla type of hair extensions like Brazilian hair
  • Increase the number of visitors, and the more visitors to your website, the more likely you will convert a visit into a purchase!
  • Visitors will spend more time on your pages, because you have something unique to offer, people will spend more time to read and see and this increases again the number of conversions, or buying customers.
  • The number of happy clients will increase, because they will be happy they finally found what they are looking for. These clients will become your ambassadors and tell their friends about that awesome webstore that even sells Vietnamese cold fusion.

To get the long tail work for you, all you need is to look for that unique product or service nobody else offers. Make a special page with the name of the product and start to blog, Write about the product, share pictures (do not forget to name the files with your unique product and to adapt the meta tags). Google should find your unique product, and if people look for Vietnamese cold fusion they will end up …. at your store or blog.

And even if they do not want to buy this hair, they found your site, they appreciate your offer and perhaps they simply buy your Brazilian hair.

Now you know how to get more visitors and purchases it’s time to start your own business, get our Business Plan Template and become a successful hair store owner!

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